Timber Field Gate Products Tel: 01623 656641

Timber Field Gate Products Tel: 01623 656641

Country Styles for wide openings...The Field Gate.

Our first category wood gate are the decorative timber field gates. These have traditionally been seen in rural ares but are becoming a popular choice for properties requiring a more open feel whilst maintaining privacy in urban areas.

Although not necessarily considered a high security gate, the wide variety of field gate styles still provide controlled access to and from your property and are an adequate means of securing the safety of vehicles, children and pets. Country Styles for wide openings... Typically measuring around 4 feet in height the decorative field gates can be manufactured to 14 feet in length and pairs of gates can extend across entrances in excess of 24 feet.

These styles of field gate are regularly hung off timber posts but also sit perfectly well between stone piers or brick walls. The gates are available in two finishes, the standard field gates are braced, nailed and bolted whilst the decorative field gates have brace bars that are glued, screwed & plugged, the gates are planed, sanded & Chamfered to add that extra touch of class.

All of our field gates use traditional joinery techniques which ensure strength and durability and are designed specifically for gate automation. 

Hand gates and drive way gates start from 3ft  0.90cm in width and go up to 14ft 4.20 cm the height is 42" to the top rail of the gate thank you for looking at our range of products prices do not include delivery.





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