Solar power automatic gates

Solar power automatic gates

Nice Solemyo: automatic gates solar powered

The Electric Gates Doctor show cases the new solar automatic gate automation now available.  In this context Nice introduces Solemyo, the new kit for solar energy supply for the automatic gates, garage doors and road barriers: installable anywhere without the need for connections or excavations, even in the most remote locations or those difficult to access with the power mains.

Low consumption with no risk of blackouts: extended duration of energy reserve, combined with low consumption of automations, operation granted also in prolonged overcast conditions. The Nice automatic gates kit contains: the SYP photovoltaic panel that converts sunlight into electricity and the PSY24 battery box, storing the electrical energy produced by the SYP panel, with continuous and permanent supply throughout the day. Simple and rapid installation with guaranteed savings and reliable operation "Call now for more information" Sales 01623 656641.

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